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    • Landlord / tenant disputes

    • Evictions

    • Owed rent

    • Lease negotiations

    • Violations

    • Property litigation

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Robert S. Cutrona, Esq. has handled numerous Landlord & Tenant cases.

Extensive knowledge of Real Property Law combined with experience in property management and real estate investing give him a unique ability to understand a Landlord's concerns. He can commence an eviction, holdover or non-payment proceeding. His familiarity with the detailed requirements and procedural aspects of Housing Court process enable him to optimize a Landlord's strategy to minimize delay and expense.

Delaying the initiation of legal action can result in increased expense due to additional lost rent, fines, defaults and increased procedural complexity. Call now to arrange free telephone consultation with Mr. Cutrona.

Property owners can face numerous challenges managing rental properties. Ignoring problems with a tenant can result in additional expense and lost revenue. Landlords that violate NYs Illegal Eviction laws can face criminal, civil and financial penalties. NYC has countless regulations and statutes and inspections can result in violations and fines.

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